Tips to ensure your safety signs are effective


Regardless of the job description, the workplace carries numerous work hazards that are impossible to curb entirely. However, it is discernable that some jobs carry more risks than others. Therefore the burden lies with the employer to ensure that he is cushioned from liability in as much as he can. Various measures have been employed to protect employees in the workplace as well minimize the inherent risks that face people. One of the most efficient techniques utilized around the globe is the use of safety signs. Such signage is used to warn people of apparent risks and hazards in a particular location. Safety signs like product floor and wall signs have been lauded as an economical and effective method of preventing needless injuries as well as promoting safety.question answers

The introduction of safety signs has propelled a reduction in the number of work-related illness and injuries. One plausible study estimates a reduction of injuries from 10 incidents per 100 employees in the 1970s to 3 incidents per 100 employees in 2015. Clearly, there is a conceivable improvement, but a lot remains undone in the pursuit of ultimate safety. This article will elucidate some essential ways upon which effectiveness of safety signs can be guaranteed.

Simple and clear language

It is unintelligible to install a safety sign that is complex and incoherent. First, the language used should be a common one that is understood by every individual in a given state and preferably the national language. The language should also be clear enough to decipher the meaning without aid or further elaboration.


Generally, safety signs are placed on or around the risk that is being highlighted. The signs will not be serving their purpose if they are placed away from the risk. Signage has to be precise and strategic so that passersby are easily warned and cautioned against the inherent hazard.

Symbols and diagrams

ask more question This is a mechanism that is widely employed in the workplace because the brain quickly decodes images. Also, symbols and diagrams could act as sufficient aid for people with bad eyesight. Further, a language is limited to only those who understand it, but anyone can translate an image. Therefore diagrams are considered as the most critical aspect of safety signs.

Colors and visibility

The color of the safety signs will determine its visibility to onlookers. It is thereby recommended that you use bright and attractive colors that will ensure that your safety signs easily noticeable.