Three Reasons Why Marijuana Is a Miracle Drug

hemp buds

It all begins with a story of how we misunderstand cannabis sativa for more than decades. In ancient times, as early as 100 AD, Chinese people had noticed the healing property of cannabis. And in ancient Netherland, the history even dated back further to 2500 BCE. It was only after the Opiate Act that many countries started to see marijuana as a threat to community wellbeing. And the worse thing was that they had no adequate scientific proof to back them up.

Today, the science of cannabis has opened people’s eyes. It turns out that the stigmatized plant possesses many benefits that are even arguably magical.

A Pain Reliever

depressed womanMany drugs are known to have this effect, but the primary difference is that marijuana won’t get you addicted and put you at risk of overdose. We all know how cocaine, heroin, and meth destroy a person’s health. And that won’t happen at all with cannabis.

In fact, we now have the technology to extract the pain-relieving compound from the psychoactive one. The substance is called CBD (Cannabidiol). It has been reported to be effective in treating arthritis, post-chemo pain, seizures, stuttering, and even PTSD. And in the case of CBD for arthritis, you can live a life you don’t know you have simply by administering the right CBD dosage for rheumatoid arthritis.

A Biodegradable Alternative to Plastic

Plastic has ruined our planet, and yet no alternative to it has been implemented worldwide. And among those biodegradable replacements, marijuana leave is included. Imagine if you can smoke without damaging the environment. And for your information, plastic bottles and styrofoam containers are not the worst pollutants in the sea. That title belongs to cigarette butts. Therefore, the next time you smoke, you probably want to consider rolling a blunt of hemp instead of buying tobacco cigarettes.

A Safe Mood Booster

cbd tinctureAs implied before, cannabis usage is all about getting the right dose, especially if you smoke or eat the plant. The reason for this is that the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) can definitely get you high. And smoking a blunt before operating heavy machinery is definitely a reckless act. Therefore, if you need something to relieve you from anxiety and bad mood, go for the CBD products.

However, remember once again that smoking a blunt is always a safer choice than other drugs. If you want to get high, roll a blunt instead of snorting the lines.