Is pet hair harmful?


Pets make our home look jazzy and more fashionable. We have never taken the time to figure out the consequences of having pets in our houses. The pets kept at home are mainly dogs and cats at times, parrots and other birds like pigeons. The dog is the friendliest pet said to be we and will have a look on the dog and cat. This article will also check on the risks that come along with the pets’ hair.

Danger of feeding pets in the house

Toddlers are always there to try new things, at times it is so obvious that they will try to feed on the pet’s bowls. Pets’ feeds contain salmonella bacteria that are very dangerous to the kid’s health. We should always feed dogs in their kennels.


Pets’ parasites

Parasites always camouflage in the pets hair. Our pets should be thoroughly washed with insecticides. Kids will always get infected with hookworms, roundworms, and tapeworms when in long contact with infected pets. The veterinary services should be your first class friends if you have a pet at home. Cat scratches are very dangerous; cat scratch disease is easily transmitted from cats to people. Keep on making keen observations to your kids, in case they start making vigorous scratches on their body, consult your doctor immediately.

Advantages of having a cat

Everything with a merit has a demerit, let us have a look on the merits side of pets. Cats are carnivorous animals this is a great advantage-reason being, the feed on every harmful animal. Rats, snakes, and lizards have their adrenaline react to flight anytime they sense the presence of a cat. Cats are generally not harmful at all the problem pop in when you get in contact with their urine, saliva, and tools. Cats shed their far especially at their old age, always bathe your cat and make sure you steam up your house ones a week.


Advantages of having dogs

Dogs are very sensitive and respectful; they always like making their masters happy. Dogs do not shed their hair; that’s an advantage of having a dog over a cat.

Pets in your bed

It’s easier and sweet falling asleep with your pet on your bed; however, this is not the right thing to do. Pets contain germs, flees, ticks and worms. You might get infected with diseases like: canine influenza, cat scratch disease, and a dog flu infection.