Common Documents Needed to Become an Overseas Filipino Workers

A worker

The overseas Filipino Workers are also known by abbreviations OFW. Surprisingly, these workers are many and spread all over the world. T

A valid Philippine passport

passportNow that the person is planning to travel abroad for a job, the passport is a basic document applicable all over the world. One has to make an application through the immigration department in the country and wait for processing. There is a charge that one has to pay as set by the government. To make the process less stressing, Filipinos can use an agent who will do all the follow up after they assist you to fill the relevant information and provide the required documents.

A resume

The resume is the best way a person can sell their abilities to a potential employer. Every person who is seeking for a job must have the relevant and detailed resume that shows their qualifications, the jobs they have done so far and their other achievements. Just a tip to succeed in overseas jobs, let your resume be customized to the job rather than giving a general one. However, the posting agent usually guides the Filipinos on the right way to prepare the resume.

Educational certificates

Depending on the job you intend to do, the posting agent will ask for the education certificates. Most Filipinos have gone through formal education and acquire the relevant skills to work anywhere in the world. According to reports, Philippine has a high literacy level, which is above 80 percent. Most people who intend to work overseas have the basic educational background and their certificates can prove the same. Providing all the requested copies puts one in a better position to succeed.

A valid national ID

National IDNational IDs are applicable everywhere. To qualify as an OFW, your national ID will be needed somewhere in the process. Most of the other documents will be verified using this document. However, it may cease to be all that important when the passport is out for most operations, while overseas, will use this to identify you. Locally, make sure that it is available for a smooth running of operations.

Working Visa

This is processed by the country you will be visiting to work. It is an approval that they consent that you are fit to be in their country. The Philippines makes it easier by negotiating on behalf of their citizens through foreign affairs ministry. Although the people apply directly through the embassies, the numerous interstate MoU and treaties come into place here.
Becoming an OFW is easy if you have the above basic requirements and others as they may be requested. Some jobs and countries will need more documents which you have to avail. If your posting agency is reputable, the process will be fast and smooth.