How To Raise A Child As A Stay At Home Dad

There are some challenges that life will throw at you when you begin your walking the path of a stay at home dad. You have to deal with your emotional state to become the ideal father for your child.

Let’s remember the basics of being a father – you are your child’s hero, a pillar of support, a guide, a mentor. To become the very embodiment of strength, you have to overcome your weaknesses that stop you from transforming into the world’s greatest dad.


bjtunutThis is one of the biggest mental battles that a father has to fight when they enter the world of fatherhood. Make a mental image of yourself, and stay focused. You’re the greatest version of yourself, the hero for your child. Distract yourself when you get into a rut. Take some time out of your busy schedule, and get a reliable babysitter to take some time off.

Switching Careers

You spent a majority of your life striving to achieve a career goal, but it all changed when your child came into your life. You took a complete u-turn and gave up many other opportunities life had to offer you. You end up asking yourself if you made the right choice.Look at your achievements as a father. All the effort you put into your child & the happiness it has brought into the life of your child. You will know in an instant, it was all worth it.


The way society looks at you changes when you take such a big step. There will be many people who will ask you about your life choices. In the end, people will have their views and mindsets. They have their life choices, and your path is different. Stick to it like the hero of a father you are.


When you are a single stay at home dad, money can become a big problem if you haven’t planned ahead. You will have to make many compromises for your child. You need to find single father support groups where people like you get together to find ways to raise their kids on their own. Solutions will come from your on locality. Find the right people within your community to find emotional as well as financial support.

Life Partner

If you have found a partner to spend your life with as a stay at home dad then there are  newb htbthbnt  challenges you will face. When you bring in a new person into your life, then you will have to deal with their desired as well. Compromise has to be made at some level, and basic understanding is necessary for a lasting relationship. Find a common path to avoid tension and find happiness.

Keeping A Pet

Many parents out there will suggest that you have a pet when your child is old enough to avoid allergies. You have to remember a basic fact that when you bring in a pet into your home, then you have another child to deal with. Pets become members of your family, and you have to take care of them all the time, unlike children who can take care of themselves when they grow up.


5 Myths About Addiction

Busting these myths will help more in creating awareness of the perils of substance abuse. Here, are five such myths.

Alcohol Is Less Harmful Than Drugs

Presuming alcohol to be less dangerous than drugs can be lethal for anyone. One of the reasons behind this wrong thinking is that street drugs are christened illegal, while alcohol can be legitimately bought and is widely taken at social gatherings and celebrations. Contrary, alcohol has been found to be more dangerous than some of the most commonly abused substances, like heroin, methamphetamine, tobacco, cocaine, and a slew of other drugs.

Relapsing Addicts Can Never Be Sober Again

This myth can be quite disheartening for users trying on getting sober. Relapses happen, but this doesn’t mean that one can’t become clean for life. One shouldn’t lose heart if a several of relapses occur. With continued effort, it is likely to avoid any substance you may abuse.

Prescription Drugs Are Safe And One Can’t Get hbvbhtAddicted

Physicians largely prescribe prescription drugs but are not relatively safer than street drugs as commonly understood. Taking drugs in a manner different than that ordered by doctors has proved to be fatal for thousands. Some of the most abused prescription drugs include Xanax, Ambien, Valium, Percocet, Tylenol with codeine and OxyContin.

High Alcohol Tolerance Indicates Immunity And Resilience

Alcohol tolerance can’t be same for all and there is always a few who can swallow down a few extra drinks than others. Regarding this as resilience and considering oneself immune to addiction can lead to alcoholism. Drinking constantly will invariably build dependence, transforming a person into an alcoholic.

Having A Stable Career And Family Life Means One Can’t Be An Addict

jnbjgbgIt often amazes people when a CEO of a large conglomerate is found to be addicted to anything. Addiction is all pervasive and can penetrate any segment of the society. It is erroneous to assume that a person with a stable family cannot slip into the chasm of addiction. It means that everybody should always safeguard oneself so that he or she does not fall into the trap of dependency.

Getting addicted to a substance isn’t the end of the world. The right direction from a drug abuse helpline can give you the excellent solution. People who are victims of any trauma or are stressed emotionally, usually take to alcohol or drugs as a way of self-medication. They believe that drinking will give a high and offer them a way to escape from the anguish of life. They indulge in drinking to heal their pain and ward off their stress.